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For producers

Trade atrongly. Sell
biomethane successfully.

Do you produce biomethane and want to sell it? Thanks to our many years of experience selling biomethane, we’re just the right partner for you. Due to our constantly growing portfolio, we are always interested in new suppliers and make no distinction between large corporations and independent farmers. With our proven portfolio and risk management, you can rely on us to meet your needs.

Acceptance of all qualities and input materials

We pay particular attention to providing you with the necessary flexibility, security and professionalism so that you can be successful and sustainably active in the market.

Benefit from our experience – our purchasing department will be happy to advise you on all topics relating to biomethane. In doing so, our goal is always to create good long-term conditions for all market participants and to further advance biomethane as the key to the energy transition.


Flexibility is crucial, regardless of whether you’re a market partner at the Virtual Trading Point (VHP) or prefer to purchase biomethane directly at the flange. This enables us to offer contracts with different terms – from spot quantities to long-term purchase agreements. With our large and diversified portfolio, we cover all market areas and qualities or input materials, so that we can prepare a suitable offer for your specifications.


The bmp greengas business model offers you the highest-possible degree of security. We guarantee to take delivery of the produced quantities at any time and to reimburse you on time. Accordingly, you do not have to bear any selling or purchasing risks and enjoy planning security over the entire contract term. We guarantee this with our long-standing and proven set of contracts. In addition, our corporate background – Erdgas Südwest in conjunction with EnBW as a strong shareholder – offers additional security.


With our many years of experience and our specialisation in the procurement and trading of biomethane, we provide you with competent and professional advice. We deploy our specific market knowledge and always communicate with you as equals. You benefit from our large network with long-standing relationships with investors, project planners and other market participants.


We see ourselves as your partner and would like to support you in maintaining your competitiveness in the medium and long term. That is why we not only recommend certification according to REDcert, but also accompany you throughout the entire certification process. In this way, you can prove that your biomethane production or biomethane use meets the EU’s sustainability criteria and that we will continue to meet our customers’ growing demand for certified biomethane in the future.

You can find out more about the advantages and procedure of REDcert certification here.

Your contact person

Florian Siebert