Advantages of biomethane

  • Biomethane – conserves resources
  • Biomethane is flexible
  • Biomethane makes you independent
  • Biomethane is competitive


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Eco-friendly Bio-SNG

  • Bio-SNG makes superfluous energy storable
  • Bio-SNG is environmentally friendly
  • Bio-SNG is interesting for all sectors
  • Bio-SNG uses the existing infrastructure


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Key technology Power-to-Gas

  • Power-to-Gas uses surplus electricity from renewable sources
  • Power-to-Gas reduces the generation of greenhouse gas
  • Power-to-Gas offers security of energy supply
  • Power-to-Gas is ready for the future


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Advantages of green hydrogen

  • Green hydrogen is produced from renewable energy sources
  • Green hydrogen stabilizes the power and heat supply
  • Green hydrogen is versatile and innovative
  • Green hydrogen reduces CO2 emissions


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Certification according to REDcert

  • Growing demand for certified biomethane
  • Recognized by EU and BLE
  • Prerequisite in the biofuel sector
  • Obligatory for heat and electricity from mid 2021


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