The use of biomethane in combined electricity and heat generation is one of the most efficient and eco-friendly technology options. That is why combined heat and power (CHP) and gas plants are increasingly using green gas for power generation. Even if you are operating an older combined heat and power plant (CHP), switching to biomethane can be more economical than operating it with natural gas.

20 years guaranteed EEG remuneration

A long-term guaranteed biomethane price – 10 years and more

Different biomethane qualities available

Flexible and secure delivery

Demand-driven power generation

Reduced CO2 emissions

Entering the biogas world with EEG

As an operator, you will receive guaranteed compensation rates for electricity generation for 20 years in accordance with the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG). The current EEG at the time of commissioning is decisive for the actual amount of the electricity remuneration. Electricity revenues can be further increased through the direct sale of electricity and use of the flexibility premium, rendering the substitution of fossil natural gas with renewable biomethane even more commercially interesting.

Our service for you:

We will supply you with the biomethane quantities you require for 10 years or more, and at the same time offer you guaranteed fixed prices for the entire duration of the contract. No other energy source offers as much price certainty and predictability. In addition, we will supply the biomethane to your desired location: You extract the gas directly at the flange of the CHP, or alternatively you opt for delivery at the virtual trading point (VTP) or into a sub-balancing group.

Not all biomethane is the same. Physically it is natural gas, and its quality and the associated EEG remuneration depend on its production and use.

A tenfold increase: Today, 9 TWh are produced in Germany each year. According to dena, by 2050 the amount could be more than 100 TWh.

All those who use EEG gases will enjoy guaranteed revenues for 20 years. Long contract terms therefore ensure exceptional planning and price security, no risk with respect to fuel procurement and a large degree of independence from variable energy prices.