In industry, biomethane can be used in the exact same way as natural gas as a process gas or as a raw material for the production of the material. What advantages does green gas offer you? Currently, conventional energy sources are still frequently used. The use of renewable biomethane, on the other hand, produces only low emissions – the CO₂ savings potential compared to fossil fuels is enormous. Biomethane is therefore ideally suited to replacing fossil raw materials with renewable energy sources.

An environmentally friendly raw material

Fewer greenhouse gas emissions

Sustainable production

Easily replace natural gas


Sustainable production, sustainable packaging

Although biomethane has the same combustion properties as fossil natural gas, it reduces CO₂ emissions by up to 90 %. Switching to biomethane in your production, but also in the manufacture of your packaging, can therefore help your company to meet legal requirements and sustainability goals. At the same time you will create added value for your products and thus a competitive advantage, since more and more consumers are looking out for sustainable products.


A valuable raw material in chemistry

In the chemical industry, biomethane is used for ammonia and hydrogen production in the steam reformer. When converted into synthesis gas, biomethane can also be used to produce various basic chemicals. These can be used to produce a range of different products – from fertilizers and bioethanol to biohydrogen and plastics.

Our service for you:

With our in-depth experience we will help you become a bio-based industry.  More and more of our partners are pursuing a more sustainable approach and are replacing natural gas, a fossil raw material, with renewable biomethane – saving resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We are happy to supply you with all required biomethane qualities from a single source and to document the sustainability characteristics along the entire supply chain.

Approximately 3 % of Germany’s natural gas requirement is for the chemical industry for material use. Here, natural gas, a fossil fuel, could be entirely substituted by biomethane.

42 % of natural gas sales are to industrial companies. For the purpose ofgreen production, these could be entirely replaced by biomethane.

Replacing fossil raw materials or energy sources with biomethane and thus making products green.