Are you prepared for the requirements of the turnaround in energy and heating policy in Germany? The use of biomethane can be an easy way to increase the share of renewable energies in the heat supply.

Reduction of the primary energy factor

Fulfilment of the Renewable Heat Act (EWärmeG) and the Renewable Energy Heat Act (EEWärmeG)

Price security over the term of the contract

Flexible and secure delivery

Production exclusively from residual and waste materials

Contribution to climate protection

Green heat for a green climate

When used for combined power and heat generation, biomethane is currently one of the most efficient ecological technologies on the market, particularly in pure heating applications and especially when other renewable technologies or structural measures cannot be used to the necessary extent to reduce energy consumption. The heat generated by the operation of a combined heat and power plant (CHP) or by direct combustion in gas boilers can be used, for example, to heat buildings, for drying processes or as process heat.

Heating with biomethane is becoming increasingly popular

Follow the trend towards green gas tariffs. The number of private customers who are willing to pay a surcharge for heating with renewable energies is growing steadily. Pure biomethane or natural gas-biomethane mixtures can be used in conventional gas heating systems without any need for adaptation. Homeowners can use biomethane throughout Germany to meet the requirements for new buildings. In Baden-Württemberg, the environmentally-friendly legislation for new and old buildings is resulting in an increasing demand. Here, the requirements can also be met through admixture in the boiler.


District solution: Integrated energy systems for a clean environment

Biomethane is also suitable for the direct heat supply of buildings. We supply energy for the energy supply concepts of residential districts and buildings, with heat and electricity generated directly on site in cogeneration plants. This is how you can reduce the primary energy factor and fulfil the legal requirements.

Our service for you:

If you want to increase the share of renewable energies in your portfolio, we offer you the right product. Use natural gas from your portfolio to generate a suitable admixture product that precisely corresponds with the requirements of your end customers. We will supply you with up to 100% biomethane at the virtual trading point (VTP) in all market areas.

Biomethane for heat production is obtained exclusively from residual and waste materials. This makes it particularly resource-saving and climate-friendly.

14%: Renewable heat share is set to increase by this amount by 2020.

With just a 10% biomethane admixture you can largely meet the requirements of the Baden-Württemberg Renewable Energies Heat Act (EWärmeG).