Many natural-gas filling stations have on account of the energy turnaround already switched to biomethane. For you, too, switching to green fuel offers decisive advantages. Biogas from organic waste processed into biomethane or produced synthetically by means of power-to-gas from wind or solar energy is the climate-friendly and future- proof alternative to conventional fuels and natural gas. Biomethane can be added as a sustainable fuel to natural gas in a ratio of up to 100%.

Better CO2 balance than fossil fuels

No changes to service stations and natural gas vehicles necessary

Up to 100% admixture possible

Less pollutant, particle and noise emissions

Counts towards the biofuel quota

Biofuel: Good for the environment and the bottom line

The use of biomethane at stations is not only good for the environment but also commercially interesting. As a sustainable fuel, it is tax-privileged and counts towards the biofuel quota. There are also many good reasons for end customers to fill up using this green gas. It is considerably cheaper than petrol and diesel, and the range of natural-gas cars is longer than that of electric vehicles. This is why biomethane is becoming increasingly important for service stations.

Our service for you:

With our expertise and knowledge of the industry, we will support you with switching to biomethane fuel – from secure procurement/delivery, through the optional acceptance of quota trading, accounting and verification management, to certification. To this end, we offer delivery precisely according to your wishes at the physical exit point (PEP) or virtual trading point (VTP) at guaranteed prices in the desired quantity.

Biomethane can be used as a vehicle fuel in two forms: for passenger cars as gaseous, CNG (compressed natural gas) or in heavy goods, rail or ship traffic as LBG (liquefied biogas) – and always in up to 100% organic quality.

2,000 stations! By 2025, the number of natural-gas service stations in Germany is set to double in size.

When 100% biomethane is used, the amount of CO2 generated is up to 97 % lower.