Your partner for green gases

As the market leader for the sale of biomethane and an expert in green gases, we are conscious of our responsibility for the climate and help our customers switch to renewable gases. You can rely on our long-standing experience and professional know-how.

For more than 10 years we have been advising, balancing and supplying our customers with biomethane for use in combined heat and power generation, thermal or material use, or in the field of mobility, while offering fail-safe delivery and every available gas quality. Thanks to our head start in terms of experience, we can meet all your requirements for clean and sustainable energy management.


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Committed to your interests

For us, trust means acting in a way that is tailored to your needs, and also in a reliable, calculable and cost-saving manner. It forms the basis for our long-standing customer relationships with energy suppliers, municipal utilities, CHP plant and service station operators and industrial companies – just as it does with our producers.


Creating new opportunities

Our corporate background – Erdgas Südwest, member of EnBW group, as a strong shareholder – provides additional security and the freedom to further expand on the topic of green gases using our expertise. Whether bio-CNG, bio-SNG, LBG or green hydrogen, we’re working on expanding our portfolio and offering new solutions to the market, so that the energy turnaround remains plannable and achievable for you in the future.

Discover the application areas of biomethane:





Green gases. The clean technologies of tomorrow

bmp greengas’s aim is to work together for a green future. We focus on climate-friendly innovations. To this end, we develop products in which not only biomethane, but also other green gases such as green hydrogen, LBG and bio-SNG play a major role. Biomethane is processed biogas generated from the fermentation of biomass. Green hydrogen and bio-SNG are produced using surplus electricity from renewable energy sources such as wind, PV and water. Biomethane and bio-SNG can replace natural gas entirely.

  • Biomethane
  • Green hydrogen
  • Liquified Biogas
  • Bio-SNG

„Biomethane can make a significant contribution to the energy turnaround. The advantages of biomethane are particularly evident where electricity, gas and heating networks interact well. Biomethane is an excellent addition to fluctuating renewables such as wind and solar energy.

*Source dena study 2017 – the role and contribution of biomethane in climate protection today and in 2050

Biomethane. One energy source, many advantages

Produced from biowaste or residues, biomethane is one of the few continuously available and at the same time CO2-neutral energy sources on the market. It can be used in many different ways, is demanded by legislators and offers users additional advantages – for example due to its independence from the weather and geographical location. As a future-proof all-rounder, the green gas is one of the most sustainable and reliable energy suppliers for all requirements.

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